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Spats are specially designed skate armour created for hockey players seeking protection for their feet.  They are a patented, revolutionary piece of hockey gear designed to prevent foot injury. This lightweight armour adds only 56 grams (2 ounces) to each skate. They attach easily to the skate and allow for quick assess to the laces. The high density polyethylene shield can absorb or deflect any impact directly at the skate. Spats are guaranteed to not crack or split under any conditions.

In a game where pucks can easily be moving upwards of 90 mph, foot injuries are common. Every year teams lose the services of players due to foot injuries, injuries that are now largely preventable. The art of blocking shots is being taught at all levels. Spats will give you the confidence to make that game saving block.

Spats Skate Armour offer superior protection, user friendly function and an affordable price to fit any budget. At Parrott Ventures, we are dedicated to providing foot protection to anyone seeking foot injury prevention.

Spats Total Armour – Combo Package

$95.99 (Save $14!)

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Introducing the next layer of defence against foot injury. By popular demand, we have developed Spats Ankle Armour!

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Ankle Armour

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Spats Pro Series

Pro Series Clear – Our Top Seller!

NHL, AHL and CHL players are putting their trust in Spats Pro Series Clear.

Pro Series Clear – $54.99