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How do they attach?

Spats Skate Armour - How They Attach



Attaching Spats to the skate boot is as easy as lacing up your skates.  Spats use a clip system, which allows for a secure bond between skate boot and guard. Spats, once installed, allow the user access to the skate laces in seconds



Easy to use…….

Spats allow the user quick access to the laces.  A player has the option of removing their skate or even just retying their skate almost as if the guard wasn’t there.  Spats are designed to flip out of the way and be secured again in only seconds.

Spats Ankle Armour attaches securely to the skate using the same clip system as Spats Pro Series Clear.  A stabilizing strap under the skate boot completes the bond with the skate.


Introducing the next layer of defence against foot injury. By popular demand, we have developed Spats Ankle Armour!

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